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Beyond Boundaries Coaching LLC

What Others Are Saying


"I wanted to say I enjoyed the work with Frank. I wasn’t sure what I wanted; I just knew I wanted something. I trusted him and I trusted the process, and by the end I had crystal clarity - I have crystal clarity now, on exactly what I want and the steps I need to do in order to get there, and I’m super-thankful and I highly recommend treatment with him! Thank you so much, Frank!"


"Frank did a breakthrough session with me. When we first started I didn’t know what to expect - I just knew there was something wrong; I couldn’t figure it out. Frank was completely awesome … right from the beginning. He helped me find out what the problem really was. I had anger and fear from my childhood, and he helped me break through that. I feel like a completely different person - my business has been soaring since, and life’s been great!"


"I just wanted to say how amazing it’s been working with Frank. I came to Frank because I felt like something was holding me back, and I couldn’t quite figure out what is was, and it really preventing me from taking massive action toward one of my biggest goals this year. When I came to Frank he quickly helped me discover these limiting decisions that I had, and we removed them. As soon as they were gone, I felt like this big weight was lifted off my shoulders. It inspired me to take massive action toward this goal. Thank you, Frank, for helping me gain clarity and helping me remove those blocks so I could go for my goals this year!"


The NLP Practitioner training was eye opening in so many ways. I have more specific tools I can use to support my clients and myself in created the results I want. I have a deeper understanding of how all parts of my thinking and physiology are intertwined in me being at cause in my life. I appreciated all the hands-on experience in this training. Not only am I a confident practitioner, I also benefited from experiencing the techniques as a client. Procrastination is not a problem. I no longer sabotage myself with brownies. I have great motivation. I was also able to resolve an internal conflict that had been bothering me for months. There is a wealth of content that I know I will continue to benefit from in the future.

Thank you!



NLP Practitioner training has made lasting changes in my life. I now have tools at my disposal to increase the quality of my life. I know how to communicate on a whole new level, establish rapport and so much more.
The absolute biggest insight for me was recognizing I need not be a victim. This is taught through cause & effect. This process completely turned my life around. I gained confidence knowing I have choices.
Taking an NLP class was one of the best choices I have made just for me. I have since signed up for the master level class. I highly recommend NLP to any one who wants to better their life